Monkey Life Series 4 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life - Series 4, Alison and Jeremy are on a mission to rescue Babe and Amy, two feisty capuchin monkeys from Spain. Something’s wrong with one of Britain’s best known chimps, Trudy, but will the MRI scan solve her medical mystery? Samantha the squirrel monkey is rescued from a derelict farm in the nick of time. Jeremy keeps an all-night vigil as one of the park’s best loved primates, Charlie, becomes very ill.

Baby monkey Paulo graduates and joins his woolly monkey family full time, and over in Vietnam a golden-cheeked gibbon Mika has ground-breaking eye surgery. Monkey World welcomes a new rare species of primate to the park as the cotton top tamarins settle in, whilst Kaiyah a ring-tailed lemur pet from Ireland, is adapting to her new home. Alison goes undercover in Turkey, and orang-utan Hsiao-Quai surprises everyone with a very special early delivery.

It’s babies all round at the park!