Monkey Life Series 5 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life series 5, Alison and Jeremy travel to South Africa to bring back overweight orang-utan Oshine, who at 100 kilos is in need of a lifestyle transformation! Mike goes to France to collect baby golden-cheeked gibbon Mikado who is in need of a new home and the team travels to Lebanon to rescue chimpanzee Kiki, who was left on a roadside in desperate circumstances.

Back at the park there's great excitement as golden-cheeked gibbon Zoe is pregnant, and the primate care staff prepare for two new woolly monkeys Oaska and Quapa, arriving from Basel Zoo in Switzerland. Ten stump-tailed macaques are rehomed from a medical facility in Scotland, but they all require urgent dental work. Tensions run high as Sammy, one of the parks most popular chimps goes under the knife and in Vietnam, there is a ground-breaking project underway as two golden-cheeked gibbons are set to be released back into their natural habitat.