Monkey Life Series 6 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life series 6, the residents of Monkey World have had an adventurous year. Alison assists in a police raid of a pet shop in Liverpool illegally selling primates without a licence. Overweight Oshine from South Africa is struggling to make friends - that is until she meets Silvestre, a cute baby Sumatran orang-utan from Spain.

Animal director Jeremy Keeling travels to Slovenia to collect two pet patas monkeys, Mica hasn't been out of her small cage in over 3 years and capuchin male Tau has a deformed spine. Oaska, a woolly monkey re-homed from Basel Zoo in Switzerland, becomes a proud father for the first time and golden-cheecked gibbon Peanut gives birth to her third child at the park.

Chimpanzee Kiki rescued from a roadside cage in Lebanon has a steep learning curve in chimpanzee politics, but she's thriving in Hananya's group!