Monkey Life Series 7 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life series 7, Alison and Jeremy welcome Jethro the first saki monkey to the park, but he has his hands full with the thieving squirrel monkeys! Orang-utan Hsiao-Quai takes her adopted daughter Awan outside for the first time and there's great excitement when woolly monkey Enzo gets a baby sister from mum Yarima.

Capuchin leader Gorilon goes under the knife after a nasty scuffle and chimpanzee Bryan tests Jeremy's patience with his emotional outbursts. In Vietnam Alison and the team check on the recently released pygmy loris' and there's a rare sighting of an elusive family of douc langurs.

Woolly monkey Sara gives birth after a dramatic emergency c-section which leaves Alison having to provide round the clock care.