Monkey Life Series 7 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life series 7, Alison and Jeremy welcome Jethro the first saki monkey to the park, but he has his hands full with the thieving squirrel monkeys! Orang-utan Hsiao-Quai takes her adopted daughter Awan outside for the first time and there's great excitement when woolly monkey Enzo gets a baby sister from mum Yarima.

Capuchin leader Gorilon goes under the knife after a nasty scuffle and chimpanzee Bryan tests Jeremy's patience with his emotional outbursts. In Vietnam Alison and the team check on the recently released pygmy loris' and there's a rare sighting of an elusive family of douc langurs.

Woolly monkey Sara gives birth after a dramatic emergency c-section which leaves Alison having to provide round the clock care.

Monkey Life Series 6 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life series 6, the residents of Monkey World have had an adventurous year. Alison assists in a police raid of a pet shop in Liverpool illegally selling primates without a licence. Overweight Oshine from South Africa is struggling to make friends - that is until she meets Silvestre, a cute baby Sumatran orang-utan from Spain.

Animal director Jeremy Keeling travels to Slovenia to collect two pet patas monkeys, Mica hasn't been out of her small cage in over 3 years and capuchin male Tau has a deformed spine. Oaska, a woolly monkey re-homed from Basel Zoo in Switzerland, becomes a proud father for the first time and golden-cheecked gibbon Peanut gives birth to her third child at the park.

Chimpanzee Kiki rescued from a roadside cage in Lebanon has a steep learning curve in chimpanzee politics, but she's thriving in Hananya's group!

Monkey Life Series 5 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life series 5, Alison and Jeremy travel to South Africa to bring back overweight orang-utan Oshine, who at 100 kilos is in need of a lifestyle transformation! Mike goes to France to collect baby golden-cheeked gibbon Mikado who is in need of a new home and the team travels to Lebanon to rescue chimpanzee Kiki, who was left on a roadside in desperate circumstances.

Back at the park there's great excitement as golden-cheeked gibbon Zoe is pregnant, and the primate care staff prepare for two new woolly monkeys Oaska and Quapa, arriving from Basel Zoo in Switzerland. Ten stump-tailed macaques are rehomed from a medical facility in Scotland, but they all require urgent dental work. Tensions run high as Sammy, one of the parks most popular chimps goes under the knife and in Vietnam, there is a ground-breaking project underway as two golden-cheeked gibbons are set to be released back into their natural habitat.

Monkey Life Series 4 - 20 x 30' Episodes

In Monkey Life - Series 4, Alison and Jeremy are on a mission to rescue Babe and Amy, two feisty capuchin monkeys from Spain. Something’s wrong with one of Britain’s best known chimps, Trudy, but will the MRI scan solve her medical mystery? Samantha the squirrel monkey is rescued from a derelict farm in the nick of time. Jeremy keeps an all-night vigil as one of the park’s best loved primates, Charlie, becomes very ill.

Baby monkey Paulo graduates and joins his woolly monkey family full time, and over in Vietnam a golden-cheeked gibbon Mika has ground-breaking eye surgery. Monkey World welcomes a new rare species of primate to the park as the cotton top tamarins settle in, whilst Kaiyah a ring-tailed lemur pet from Ireland, is adapting to her new home. Alison goes undercover in Turkey, and orang-utan Hsiao-Quai surprises everyone with a very special early delivery.

It’s babies all round at the park!

Monkey Life Series 3 - 20 x 30' Episodes

Monkey Life Series 3 follows the day-to-day lives of the 250 monkeys and apes that live in one of the largest primate rescue centres in the world.

Set in the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset, UK, this much-loved series follows the nail-biting rescue and rehabilitation stories of some of the most abused and neglected monkeys in the world, and the unwavering hard work of Alison Cronin and her team, in their ongoing mission to stop the illegal smuggling of primates from the wild.

Monkey World has rescued primates from 18 different countries all over the world, including: Spain, Greece, France, England, Austria, The Netherlands, Israel, Cyprus, Dubai, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia, Mexico and most recently Chile, where they were being used and/or abused in laboratories, as exotic pets, as photographer’s props, or as circus animals. Given a new life at Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre, the Primate Care Staff ensure that their charges are given the best possible love and attention for the rest of their lives.

Monkey Life Series 2 - 20 x 30' Episodes

Set in the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset, UK, Monkey Life Series 2 follows the nail-biting rescue and rehabilitation stories of some of the most abused and neglected primates in the world, and the unwavering hard work of Dr. Alison Cronin and the Monkey World team, in their ongoing mission to stop the illegal smuggling of primates from the wild. 

Filmed over the course of a year, this heart-warming series follows the day-to-day dramas and personalities of these, our closest relatives. From power struggles and dramas, to friendship bonds and new additions to the group, Monkey Life follows some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and the team who are devoted to working with them.

Monkey Life Series 1 - 14 x 30' Episodes


Over 25 years ago, just a few miles inland from the spectacular Dorset coastline, a groundbreaking project began… the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected monkeys and apes from all corners of the globe. At their safe haven, Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre, they’ve been given a second chance to lead a happy life amongst those of their own kind.

The Monkey World rescue centre has campaigned for stricter laws governing the keeping of and care of primates, as well as explaining the tragedy of habitat destruction and the crime, corruption and neglect that makes this world a difficult place for primates to survive in harmony with people.

Monkey Life, documenting the work of Monkey World, has encouraged people to care…to donate their time, money and their own primate pets to Monkey World, to ensure that this abuse is curtailed and primates are given a better life for the rest of their days.

In an entertaining and informative way, the work of the late Jim Cronin, his wife Alison and Animal Director Jeremy Keeling, and the team has been broadcast around the world.

This series is especially poignant as founder of Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre, Jim Cronin, passes away. Every series pays tribute to Jim and his unwavering dedication to saving primates in need, all over the world.