Monkey Life Series 10

Episode 1 – A baby marmoset is looking for a new mum and dad. Bachelor chimp Paco is in the wars with an injured toe and a heart scare. Plus the nursery orangs box clever at play time.

Episode 2 – It’s all about new arrivals. Woolly monkey Piquita might be expecting one, Marmosets Hazel and Solomon get to meet one. And the park gets ready for five unusual nocturnal guests from six thousand miles away.

Episode 3 – There’s a special delivery as Alison goes to collect a group of five Loris, all the way from Hong Kong. There’s anxious moments at the Park’s hospital as the team investigate what could be causing problems for capuchin Tau. And orang Gordon shows off his skills on the high wire.

Episode 4 – Orang-utan Lucky is moving home while young woolly monkey Lucas is causing concern. Little chimp Thelma is up to her usual tricks, keeping the grown-ups on their toes.

Episode 5 – A woolly bundle for Pacaja, but is it a son or a daughter? The slow loris demonstrate just how they got their name when the team try to weigh them. While there’s good news for one woolly group there’s heartbreak for another.

Episode 6 – Jeremy heads to Belgium to collect two new stumpies. The team get ready to say farewell to two much-loved gibbons. And young chimp Thelma gets the brush off.

Episode 7 – Jeremy brings back two stumpies from Belgium and they’re a big hit with the team. There’s concern for elderly saki monkey Jethro who needs surgery on his tail. Hot potatoes served up with soup as the chimps get a winter warmer to start the day.

Episode 8 – Two golden-cheeked gibbons head off for a new life in France. Two stumpie arrivals from Belgium get to meet some of their new house mates and the capuchins show off their agility to reach a fruity treat.

Episode 9 – Golden-cheeked gibbons Mikado and Tia Nang arrive in France to start a new life together. There are moves a foot at the capuchins, as Tau and Winslow swap groups and Pumpkin the spider monkey finds helping herself to a fruity treat is just plum easy.

Episode 10 – Its musical chairs at the orangs as RoRo heads to the nursery while Hsiao-Quai and Awan head in the opposite direction. And flirty capuchin Phoenix convinces dominant male Erico she only has eyes for him, but it’s his watermelon she’s really after.

Episode 11 – Sadness as chimp Paddy, one of the parks most iconic characters passes away but also happy memories of a much-loved primate. Plus puzzle solving in the trees for golden-cheeked gibbons Kim and Tien.

Episode 12 – New lemur Al gets the once over from the vet and it seems he’s younger than first thought. The bachelor boy golden-cheeked gibbons try out their new home for the first time. Young orang Awan makes a new friend and Tuan shows he’s a gentle giant.

Episode 13 – There’s a new baby woolly monkey, but it looks like the care team will have to be mum. It’s moving day for the slow loris and ring-tailed lemur Al gets to meet some of the gang.

Episode 14 – Can new woolly monkey mum Ayla be persuaded to accept her new born baby? Chimp Jestah gets a health check and golden-cheeked gibbons Peanut and Pung Yo enjoy a seasonal treat.

Episode 15 – Alison and wildlife vet John Lewis visit the park’s sister sanctuary in Vietnam. Marina and Alison inspect a possible new home for golden-cheeked gibbons Nha and Cu Chi, and John Lewis battles the heat to give slow loris Batman the snip.

Episode 16 – A wild gibbon is on the attack as Alison and the team carry out health checks at a Vietnamese national park. Marina tracks a wild loris through the forest and baby gibbon Loc finds comfort in the arms of adopted brother Duane.

Episode 17 – It’s another small primate rescue for Alison, this time it’s Frank a Geoffroy’s marmoset. An epic fail for Bruce the slow loris as female Bu rejects him. Plus great news from Germany about Hsiao-Ning, one of the park’s first nursery graduates.

Episode 18 – Alison and Jarno are in Moscow to collect a baby orangutan. Marmoset Frank meets Douglas, his new housemate and Al the lemur experiences Malagasy for the first time.

Episode 19 – Baby orangutan Mimi, from Moscow zoo, arrives in the UK to start a new life with others of her own kind. Can male loris Bruce woo female loris Bu and a treat of crab apple browse makes some of the chimps well crabby!

Episode 20 – It’s goodbye to a much loved orangutan matriarch as Hsiao-Quai sadly passes away. While new arrival Mimi gets to meet her first grown up and chimp Buxom demonstrates raspberries can be part of a perfectly balanced diet.