Monkey Life Series 11

Episode 1 – Jeremy comes to the rescue of three squirrel monkeys, discovered following a police raid and he’s shocked by their living conditions. Back at the park, Sonny’s ground dwelling capuchin group go up in the world testing out their revamped enclosure. Plus, a cracking start to the day for Hananya’s chimps with eggs for breakfast, and it’s a scramble to see who can collect the most.

Episode 2 – Health checks on the new three rescued squirrel monkeys cause concern. Baby orangutan Mimi takes her next step to becoming a full member of the nursery group. While it’s all change with the woolly monkeys.

Episode 3 – The woolly move continues with eleven of the highly strung primates swapping homes. The vets are called over concerns for the health of young chimp Bart. And it’s ice lollies for the new squirrel monkey trio and they’ve got this new treat licked.

Episode 4 – Alison responds to a request from the police to rescue a neglected marmoset, and brings the youngster back to the park. The siamang gibbons have a training session and it’s pumpkins in the mist for the chimps.

Episode 5 – Orangutan Oshine is under the weather and gets a little TLC from Jeremy. It’s a vet visit for loris Bruce, after the team find a lump on the side of his face. And treats for the woollies, after their big house move.

Episode 6 – An attempted coup at Malagasy leaves lemur Indiana feeling frozen out while new marmoset Amy needs a family but will the whole household accept her? And there’s sad news regarding chimp Ben who has unexpectedly passed away.

Episode 7 – Alison is in the Lebanon to rescue two rare, endangered, guenon monkeys who were illegally smuggled from the wild but when she gets the pair back to London things don’t go to plan. While back at the park there’s a wobbly treat for the bachelor chimps.

Episode 8 – Guenon monkeys, Benny and Nia finally arrive at Monkey World and get to see their new home, chimp Freddy has an uncomfortable problem so Alison has bought in a human medical specialist get to the bottom of it. And new baby for woolly mum Xingu.

Episode 9 – Rescued marmoset Amy has her day in court and it’s good news for Alison and the PCS while elderly golden-cheeked gibbon Alex causes concern. And the chase is on after a sweet treat for the newest squirrel monkeys.

Episode 10 – It’s dental day for ring-tailed lemur Houdini and stump-tailed macaque Maureen. New arrivals Benny and Nia meet The Odd Couple but will they get on? And the primate care staff name Xingu’s baby.

Episode 11 – Bruce the loris is in hospital for a check-up while the team have to make a tough decision about the future of capuchin Tau. And there’s something lurking in the undergrowth at the chimp enclosures.

Episode 12 – Alison collects a new squirrel monkey, ousted from her troop and needing a new home and can baby woolly Cosmo summon up the courage to take on the great outdoors. While it’s termite mound challenge time for the Hananya’s chimps.

Episode 13 – Alison’s on a mission to collect a marmoset found climbing scaffolding on a large block of flats in London. The park’s group of ten ring-tailed lemurs are in for a sticky treat but something spooks them while the spider monkeys get sweet treats, but can they figure out how to get to them?

Episode 14 – Wildlife vet John Lewis and local vet Cesar Sastre are called in to examine one of Monkey World’s most iconic characters, female chimp Sally. Breakfast is a puzzle for the capuchins while there’s cracking treat for the chimps but Gamba pushes his luck with Cindy.

Episode 15 – Alison visits Desmond and Tutu, two potential companions for lonely saki monkey Chloe. But will her concerns about Tutu mean only one of the pair returns with her to the park? And the bachelor chimps go football crazy.

Episode 16 – Vet Cesar faces a tough challenge when marmoset Freya suffers a possible life changing injury. Newly arrived saki monkey Desmond loves his new outdoor enclosure but will it prove too much for his son? And breakfast in the tree tops for golden-cheeked gibbons Kim and Tien.

Episode 17 – A heart stopping moment for the team when something goes wrong as gibbon Kitty is prepared for a health check. Saki monkey Chloe meets an over ardent suitor and the flirty females try and put capuchin Winslow off his dinner.

Episode 18 – Renovation work at the Pavilion is nearing completion, and the chimps get to try out their new route to the outside. A new baby woolly enters the world and first time mum Eva is bowled over by her new arrival. While there’s sadness at the passing of chimp Sally, one of the park’s most iconic characters.

Episode 19 – Alison and wildlife vet John Lewis are in Turkey to collect a young chimp previously stolen from the wild and kept as a pet. And the trip reunites Alison with an old friend. While back at the park, it’s sweet treat time for the stumpies.

Episode 20 – Alison arrives back at the park with rescued chimpanzee Toprish and the team are keen to greet her. Marmoset Freya is on the road to recovery following an operation to repair a damaged leg. As yet another year at the park passes, more rescued primates settle into their new home.