Monkey Life Series 16

Episode 1 – Dr Alison Cronin and animal manager Jeremy return from Argentina with Sasha and Kangoo. Two chimpanzees being given a new home at the park, as part of Bryan’s group. And Tuan’s orangutans get a giant treat.

Episode 2 – There’s comings and goings at the park as marmoset family The Simpsons, head off to a new home in Somerset. While marmoset Tya returns in their place, looking for love. And the Barn woollies welcome a new member to the group, Baby Xenia.

Episode 3 – It’s vet day for some of the primates and Nelly the loris causes concern. Newly arrived female chimp Sasha gets to know some of Bryan’s group but isn’t so keen on her son Kangoo doing the same. While gibbon Teo tackles some hanging feeders.

Episode 4 – Orang-utan Silvestre undergoes a top to toe health check in preparation for moving to a new home in Switzerland. New chimp Sasha goes outside for the first time, while Gismo’s capuchin group get stuck in to a play pit of pinecones.

Episode 5 – The team at the park’s sister sanctuary, Dao Tien in Vietnam, care for little Quy a rescued douc monkey who has just arrived at the centre. Golden cheeked gibbons Lewis and Tung take to the trees and slimmed down loris Xuli finds a mate.

Episode 6 – Infighting in one of the capuchin groups leads to surgery for female newcomer Louis. Cotton-top tamarin Mo loses mate Uncas, but gains a new friend when female Red moves in. And warm winter treats for the orang-utan nursery pals.

Episode 7 – Orang-utan Silvestre arrives in Switzerland for a new life as leader of his own small group. While Alison decides to separate mother and son chimps Sasha and Kangoo, so they can both have a chance at a fulfilled life within a group.

Episode 8 – Alison’s on a mission to rescue a pet trade marmoset kept in a hamster cage. While chimp Kangoo takes his time deciding whether to venture into the outdoor enclosure for the first time. And a prickly challenge for the spider monkeys.

Episode 9 – There’s an emergency operation for woolly monkey Piquita while newly arrived capuchin Louis finds a perch and stays put. And a double blow for the chimp team with the loss of elderly Sammy and passing of young adult Toprish.

Episode 10 – Alison’s at Twycross Zoo to collect an orphaned orang-utan in need of a new home and family. There’s startling news about a recently rescued pet trade capuchin. While chimp Kangoo heads outside and even begins to bond with powerful female Ash.

Episode 11 – Alison heads north to rescue a pet trade squirrel monkey, who proves to be something of an escape artist. While newly arrived orang-utan youngster Kayan meets Bulu Mata for the first time and a welcome treat for the aging bachelor boys.

Episode 12 – The park comes to the aid of two marmosets seized by the RSPCA, and Alison is truly shocked by the appalling condition of the male. While new capuchin Louisa reaches out the foot of friendship to male crush Mattie.

Episode 13 – A challenging trip to the great outdoors for some of the park’s lorises. While at Dao Tien in Vietnam an even bigger adventure for a pair of rescued black-shanked douc monkeys, as they’re released into the forest.

Episode 14 – Newly arrived squirrel monkey Kimbo has a heath check and the snip! Alison shows vet Cesar another new arrival and this one is not in good health. And orang-utan youngster Kayan goes outside for the first time.

Episode 15 – Chimpanzee groups, Bart’s and the Bachelors swap houses again. While Koba, the rescued marmoset clings to life after arriving at the park in a stricken state. And at Malagasy the lemurs have a tricky tree top challenge licked.

Episode 16 – It’s moving day for young male orang-utan Hujan whos on his way to join the nursery group. While Alison trys to help rescued marmoset Koba build up his strength. And woolly monkey Levar discovers small things can come in big packages on his birthday.

Episode 17 – Elderly marmoset Jenny gets a visit from the vet in preparation for the arrival of a new life partner. While orangutan youngster Hujan begins to adjust to life in the nursery and frozen treats for the guenons but how do you free up the fruit?

Episode 18 – Alison travels to Hampshire to rescue Clyde, another pet trade marmoset. Young orangutan Hujan meets older male Bulu in the nursery. While Argentine chimp Sasha meets the challenge of Bart’s outdoor enclosure for the very first time.

Episode 19 – A visit from the vet for one of the park’s strangest residents, while the small monkey team lose the battle to save tragic pet trade marmoset Koba. And capuchin Gismo and his girls go nuts over a cracking challenge.

Episode 20 – Alison looks forward to the prospect of a new species at the park, Baboons! While recently arrived pet trade marmoset Clyde braves the great outdoors for the first time. And a sunny treat delights Chippy’s woolly monkey troop.