Monkey Life Series 15

Episode 1 – Dr Alison Cronin steps up again to offer a tiny rescued marmoset a home and family, TikTok is less than six months old so needs a foster family when he arrives at the park. While the care team get a work out, challenging Hananya’s chimps to do the same at breakfast time. And newcomer capuchins, Matty and Louis, meet dominant female Phoenix in there next stage of joining Erico’s group at the lodge.

Episode 2 – Life and death decisions for the team when pregnant woolly monkey Oriana is on the operating table. While newly arrived baby marmoset TikTok meets his potential foster dad. And a bumper crop of grapes on the vine for the golden-cheeked gibbons.

Episode 3 – New capuchin Louis plays hide and sneak with Donna when let out into the outside enclosure for the first time. There’s a very unique treatment for an unusual primate, slow loris Bruce gets Botox. And it’s a sad goodbye to a much loved stumpie.

Episode 4 – Alison receives footage of a pet Tamarin monkey, rescued by the RSPCA, and in need of a home. While Bruce the loris is checked for results from his recent Botox session. And golden-cheeked gibbons Kim and Tien cuddle up in a new hideaway.

Episode 5 – Fears for chimp Gypsy as he undergoes a series of tests following a bout of poor health. While Dodger the capuchin meets some new ladies. And sun flower stalks prove an electrifying experience for alpha male chimp Bart.

Episode 6 – A health check for newly rescued Tamarin, Red raises cause for concern. While newcomer capuchin Matty squares up to dominant male Erico when the group of come together for the first time. And a sticky treat of porridge and cranberries for the chimps.

Episode 7 – Top male, Paulo protests during a woolly weigh in, while there’s a new fruity experience for the Siamang gibbons. And the capuchins box clever when it comes to tracking down treats.

Episode 8 – A major storm pummels the park leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. So while the maintenance team are kept busy outside the primate residents have to stay inside. And friction at the Stumpie House as Toto and Freddie fight for the top spot.

Episode 9 – There’s concern for woolly monkey Oriana when she has a health check. While across the park there’s been a bust-up amongst Hananya’s group of chimps. And the guenon family try out a new tree in their enclosure.

Episode 10 – A video of a sick male marmoset results in an urgent rescue mission for Alison. It may be too late to save the male, but Alison’s been told there’s a female at the same address. Back at the park the clever capuchins have a tricky, sticky, puzzle.

Episode 11 – Alison takes action to protect the parks residents, following confirmation COVID can also affect apes. While there’s more tests for bachelor chimp Gypsy as his condition worsens. And little woolly Leroy shares a strawberry breakfast with father Levar.

Episode 12 – Alison and the team welcome a new female loris to the park while there’s another tiny new addition at the woolly monkey house. And a log lifting work out for Dodger the capuchin.

Episode 13 – Alison travels north to collect a female marmoset whose owner has died, leaving her in the care of a neighbour. While back at the park there’s a new puzzle for the squirrel monkeys to try out and Xingu’s baby ventures outside for the first time.

Episode 14 – There’s a vet visit for newcomer Capuchin Matty who’s come off worse in a battle for the top spot with leader Erico. While the birth of a new baby woolly monkey is captured on camera and the orang-utans enjoy frozen treats as the temperature soars.

Episode 15 – There’s big news for one of the established chimp groups. While Franco’s capuchins demonstrate their size doesn’t outweigh their ability. And rescued marmoset Jangles summons up the courage to join her new mate Reggie in the outside enclosure.

Episode 16 – Vet Nic Masters uses high tech diagnostic equipment to examine health issues in some of the park’s smaller primates, including capuchin Louis and patas monkey Penelope. While a new puzzle motivates the stumpies to scale new heights.

Episode 17 – The primate care staff move more than thirty capuchins in a day, while Alison’s overcome by the chimp’s reaction to a fallen tree placed in their enclosure. And the bouncy guenons finally get to try out their revamped home.

Episode 18 – Chimp Bryan has a trip to the dentist to remove a rotten molar, while reunited lar gibbon Kitty and agile gibbon Paul are given a fruity treat. And Lee Butler returns to Vietnam to assess repairs needed at Monkey Worlds sister sanctuary, Dao Tien.

Episode 19 – Alison and Jeremy travel to Argentina to meet chimps Sasha and Kangoo, and prepare to bring them back to their new Dorset home. While stump tailed macaque Toto is reintroduced to the females, as the team attempt to sort out their hierarchy problems.

Episode 20 – Alison and Jeremy prepare to fly chimps Sasha and Kangoo from Argentina to Dorset, they need to be crated and loaded in the middle of the night to reach the airport on time. And back at the park two baby woolly monkeys enjoy time with their family.