Monkey Life Series 14

Episode 1 – In the first episode of the new series of Monkey Life, concern grows for chimp Kalu, who was recently rescued from South Africa. Alison calls in two consultant surgeons to operate on Kalu to remove her gallbladder, it’s the first time the surgeons have operated on a chimpanzee but wildlife vet John Lewis is on hand to assist. At Hananya’s, the addition of a felled oak tree gets the whole troop interested and active. While saki monkeys, Desmond and Chloe get to grips with sunflower heads and the autumn leaves are falling for the parks squirrel monkey group.

Episode 2 – The park is closed due to the latest lockdown but while visits from the public have had to stop, the need to rescue primates hasn’t. Alison travels to Liverpool, to rescue a family of three marmosets living in a birdcage and in desperate need of a new home. Their previous owner has suddenly passed away and neighbours have agreed to care for them until Alison can get there. Bart’s chimp group get to sample medlar fruit for the first time, but the primate care staff are keeping a watchful eye on how they affect Bart who has Type-1 diabetes. While at Chippy’s woolly enclosure there’s a new addition as Eva has given birth and it’s weigh in day for siamangs, Sasak and Sam and golden-cheeked gibbons Peanut and Pung Yo.

Episode 3 – Chimp Kalu, struggles to recover from her recent surgery, and despite the best efforts of the team takes a turn for the worse leading to a difficult decision for Alison. There’s new names and experiences for the trio of marmosets, recently rescued from Liverpool, and the small monkey team are pleased with their progress so far. There’s a wriggly feast for the parks group of squirrel monkeys. While woolly monkey, Paulo is an enthusiastic pupil when it comes to clicker training.

Episode 4 – Concern is growing about one of the park’s older chimps in the bachelor group, high-ranking Jestah has developed a sinister looking lump on his lip. Wildlife vet John Lewis examines Jestah, and takes a biopsy, but it will be a worrying wait until the results come back. It’s a miserable day at the park but rain doesn’t stop play at Tuan’s group of orang-utans, the outside enclosure has been filled with browse for them to enjoy. A-mei finds a sheet to protect her from the rain while big male Tuan makes an ingenious cover out of bamboo. And the pond group of woolly monkeys enjoy a puzzling new feeder while Alison goes to new heights to blow the socks off Hananya’s troop.

Episode 5 – It’s an anxious time for Alison and the primate care staff, as chimp Jestah goes under the knife following a diagnosis of mouth cancer. Wildlife vet John Lewis and local vet Dave Harding team up to carry out the complicated operation, to remove the tumour and reconstruct Jestah’s lower lip. Woolly monkey, Pacaja has had a baby and both are doing well. She is an experienced and confident mum so the team are happy for her to take her new born into the large outside pond enclosure. An enormous felled tree helps the guenon family of four scale new heights. While marmosets, Ruby, Oscar, and their family of four youngsters, are given a lively breakfast and the nursery orang-utans have a ball with a colourful treat.

Episode 6 – Vet Cesar Sastre is at the park, as marmoset Bart gets a health check and a vasectomy. While the primate care team serve the capuchins a muddy breakfast to see if they demonstrate a behaviour displayed by wild capuchins. At the orangutan nursery, youngster Rieke looks to Silvestre for help when she can’t figure out the challenging new feeder. There’s been trouble brewing at Malagasy, female lemur Kaiyah has had to be removed after receiving some very nasty injuries. But there’s still tension with the male hierarchy and the fight is now on to be lead male. And Levar’s troop at the top woolly enclosure try out a puzzling new feeder.

Episode 7 – Stumpie Freddy has a dental issue, which proves taxing for wildlife vet John Lewis. Busy-body lemur Kaiyah, who was removed from the huddle while recovering from nasty injuries, is reintroduced to Malagasy but it’s a muted welcome from the rest of the lemurs. Bart’s chimp group of sixteen, and Bryan’s smaller troop of five enjoy a catkin-filled treat. Ash tries out her lumberjack skills, but Rodders runs off with the spoils. While Saki couple Desmond and Chloe get pinecones with honey and banana, and common marmosets now known as the Simpsons get to sample pollen, it’s a new experience for both sets of monkeys.

Episode 8 – At the park’s hospital it’s all systems go for vet Cesar Sastre and the team, with a patient list including marmoset Jenny, capuchin Abby and squirrel monkey Lopez. While at the capuchin lodge, dominant male Franco and his side kick Fabian are being taught to take a voluntary hand injection in a clicker training session. Its breakfast time for Bart’s chimp troop but it’s a chilly morning so the team are putting out fruit and cups of hot porridge to encourage them to venture out. And the small monkey team have come across some insect-laden rotten logs for the eight stump-tailed macaques to enjoy.

Episode 9 – There’s tragic news for the park, Alison and Jeremy pay tribute to their colleague highly respected wildlife vet John Lewis, who has passed away. Chimp Jestah is back outside with his troop following surgery, and the primate care staff are pleased with how quickly he has healed. The orang-utan team have a rather special treat in store for the nursery orangs involving hundreds of cardboard boxes. While the Barn woolly monkeys are in for a barrow load of fun, and the squirrel monkeys feast on mealworms.

Episode 10 – Alison’s on an emergency mission to the Midlands to collect Geoffroys marmoset, Gizmo, who had been separated from his sibling and now lives with a family who are concerned for his welfare. But he’s not the only new arrival as the primate care team get a big surprise at breakfast, Marge Simpson has given birth to twins. While the chimp team, with the help of the maintenance crew, install a new addition into the bachelor outside enclosure and chimp Seamus bags a bounty of fruit. And at Erico’s capuchin house the newly formed sub group enjoy an evening buffet supper.

Episode 11 – Wildlife vet, Nic Masters and local vet, Dave Harding are called to the park due to serious concerns for the health of elderly chimp Zoe, one of the original nine chimps. Sadly Alison has to decide to let Zoe go peacefully. New arrival, Geoffroys marmoset Gizmo is settling in well but needs to be treated for parasites before he can meet his new companion. At the Pond woolly house, Enzo’s group of six get to explore a new outside enclosure for the first time. While Mueller’s gibbon Dalumie enjoys a pamper session and the lemurs get to grips with a new tree stump down at Malagasy.

Episode 12 – Female orang-utans, RoRo and Lucky are reintroduced in the hope they can learn to live together, but immediately come to blows. Big orang male, Tuan has to step in and separate them while the anxious team look on. It’s a big day for one of the park’s newest arrivals, marmoset Gizmo has been given the all clear so he can be introduced to his new house mate. While woolly monkey Carlos is at full stretch for a breakfast treat. And Alison plans a house swap between Bart’s group and the bachelor chimps, to help reduce the tension in the all-male troop.

Episode 13 – It’s a huge day for the chimp team, after weeks of meticulous planning two of the park’s chimpanzee groups are about to swap homes and enclosures. It’s the biggest house swap in the park’s history, as the bachelor boys and Bart’s troop are moved simultaneously. While capuchin Erico tries to lick the big ice-lolly challenge, with brute force. And cotton-top tamarins Mo and Uncas are tempted outside to enjoy the sunshine with some tasty treats.

Episode 14 – Alison and Jeremy undertake one of the park’s biggest primate rescues in recent years, from a zoo in Mid Wales who have been forced to rehome some of their animals. While back at the park, marmoset Gizmo gets to experience the outside for the first time with his new housemate, Soloman. And greedy golden-cheeked gibbon Kim is stumped by a sock while siamang gibbons, Sam and Sasak show off their impressive duet.

Episode 15 – Alison and Jeremy are in Mid Wales to collect five monkeys from a zoo, two patas monkeys and two capuchin monkeys that are destined for Monkey World. While a vervet monkey is to be re-homed at a rescue centre in Berkshire. Back at the park, the small monkey team are busy preparing for their arrival. While the Bachelor boys enjoy a feast of melons in their new home, and the spider monkeys get a thirst quenching breakfast.

Episode 16 – Concern grows at the park as the effects of the global pandemic continue to bite, everyone has to muck in as staff are forced to isolate. Alison is concerned, not only for the parks staff and primates but also their sister sanctuary, Dao Tien, in Vietnam. Local vet, Dave Harding is called in to examine stump-tailed macaque Sylvie, who is off her food and losing weight fast. While vet nurse, Saffron checks in on the new capuchin arrivals, Matty and Louis. And at Malagasy, its gone wild, benefiting the park’s ten lemurs while the guenons show off their amazing agility.

Episode 17 – Alison comes up with a plan to collect Dodger, a capuchin monkey in desperate need of rehoming. Wildlife vet, Nic Masters is at the park to perform health checks on the capuchins that have recently arrived, Matty and Louis, but there’s a surprise when it turns out Louis is actually female. It’s less than a month since marmosets Marge and Bart had twins, the babies are doing well but mum Marge has ousted Maggie from the group. While at the guenon enclosure the team decide to let the new patas monkeys, Mr Patas and Lady Penelope, into the outside enclosure for the first time. And a new camera has been installed inside Hananya’s enclosure, which peaks their interest until the first maize of the season is spotted.

Episode 18 – Alison and Jeremy travel to Kent on a rescue mission, and come up with a cunning plan to box up Dodger, the capuchin. Back at the park, the team need to move recently arrived capuchins, Matty and Louis, to make space for Dodger in the marmoset Domestic house. Local vet, Cesar Sastre is called in to stitch up woolly monkey Bueno Junior, who’s been injured in a scuffle with alpha male Levar. At the Stumpy enclosure the group of eight stump-tailed macaques are enjoying the summer sun, including Sylvie who was recently ill but seems back to her usual self. While it’s sunflowers on a sunny day for the squirrel monkeys, and gibbons, Kitty and Paul, get a frozen pineapple breakfast treat.

Episode 19 – Jimmy, one of the park’s original nine chimps isn’t well so local vet, Dave Harding is called in to examine him and it’s not good news. It’s an emotional time as the team have to say goodbye to the much loved chimp. Primate care staff member, Cat tries to solve a golden-cheeked gibbon grooming mystery by secretly filming Peanut and Pung Yo. And woolly monkey, Bueno Junior, who had an emergency visit from the vet to stitch up some nasty wounds, just wants some peace and quiet. While capuchin Joanne solves a sandy problem with ease.

Episode 20 – It’s a momentous day for Alison, as legislation banning the legal trade of pet primates in England is announced at the park. Marmoset Rattler returns to Monkey World to be paired with young female Maggie. While the marmoset family known as the Simpsons enjoy a breakfast of blueberries and rosehips. At the Top woolly house, there’s a breakfast smorgasbord for Levar’s family group of woolly monkeys. And the three recently arrived capuchins, Matty, Louis and Dodger get to meet some potential housemates.