Monkey Life Specials

Monkey Life, Little Monsters is the story of a secretive species, slow loris are a small nocturnal primate with two tongues and a toxic bite. We follow Monkey World and their sister sanctuary, Dao Tien, as they try to save this species and return them to the wild. This little known species looks cute, but appearances can be deceiving, so have been nicknamed little monsters. From nurturing new lives to mending years of damage – this is the story of one team’s efforts to save these remarkable Little Monsters.

Monkey Life, Orange Hooligans is the story of the wonderful world of Monkey World’s, European Crèche for Orphan Orangutans. We follow these tiny tots on their big adventure, where little hearts are mended through friendships and foster moms. This is a tale with the common themes of parenting, child development, family politics and personalities, but these characters are very hairy, fairly unpredictable, hugely loveable and very orange!

Monkey Life, Woolly Tale is the story of one of the most endearing primates on the planet, woolly monkeys. We follow Monkey Worlds extraordinary efforts to care for and protect this endangered species and along the way we meet the colourful characters, who have captured their hearts.

2 thoughts on “Monkey Life Specials

  1. Gary says:

    Will the monkey life three 1 hour specials be available on dvd
    To buy

    Many thanks

    1. primateplanet says:

      Hi Gary, sorry no there are no plans to release these specials on DVD, they are available via Sky and freeview channel Pick in the UK. Kind regards Susan

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