Monkey Life Series 2

Episode 1 – Nerves are running high in the chimp nursery. New boy, Bryan, is about to face a big challenge, meeting one of the park’s naughtiest resident, Seamus! Baby orang-utan Dinda, is growing up fast, and it’s time for her to move into the orang nursery full time…and the adult orang-utans have fun with giant ice-lollies!

Episode 2 – Animal manager Jeremy is in Paris, collecting a baby orang-utan called Lingga who will be joining Monkey World’s ever-expanding orang crèche. In Paddy’s chimp group, all hell breaks loose over a giant fruity freeze. And Alison says her goodbyes to Julio, the woolly monkey she hand-reared from birth.

Episode 3 – Confident young orang-utan Lingga has arrived from Paris. An operation on chimp Bryan’s teeth reveals the damage caused by his traumatic past life. Stump-tailed macaque Koko needs a helping hand from animal manager Jeremy.

Episode 4 – New orang-utan Lingga meets her housemates, but young Joly is consumed by jealousy. In the chimp bachelor pad, a pile of blankets brings out Buxom’s greedy side. And chimpanzee Jimmy has a very serious leg wound.

Episode 5 – Young orang-utan Hsiao-Ning goes crazy on too much sugary fruit. Animal manager Jeremy prepares to take a huge risk to help adult male chimpanzee Jimmy with his leg wound.

Episode 6 – Tough love ensures that chimpanzee Bryan learns a painful lesson when he goes outside for the first time. Will woolly monkey Julio be brave enough to take his first steps outdoors? And, in Paddy’s chimp group, Lee gets hands-on with Susie. Could she be pregnant for the second time?

Episode 7 – There is a new baby in the woolly-monkey house, but the team is worried about its health. Elsewhere, baby orang-utan Dinda gets to grips with her outside enclosure. And stump-tailed macaque Koko struggles with her living space.

Episode 8 – The life of the new woolly monkey baby hangs in the balance just 24 hours after its birth. In the chimp nursery, young Bryan is hassled by lovable hooligan Seamus. And in another part of the centre, chimp Charlie is also being picked on. Are his days living with the bachelor group numbered?

Episode 9 – Chimp toddler Bryan finally makes friends with the bad boy of his group, Seamus. Unfortunately, it is not long before they fall out again. Elsewhere, it is moving day for the gibbons as the park arranges a ‘wife swap’.

Episode 10 – This special edition travels to Vietnam, where Monkey World is embarking on an exciting new project – its first foreign sanctuary for endangered primates. A new gibbon rescue centre is being built to protect these rare animals for the future.

Episode 11 – Work begins on the new gibbon rescue centre in Vietnam – and not a moment too soon, as the first primates are already arriving to begin their rehabilitation. Back on home soil, there is the patter of tiny feet in Paddy’s chimpanzee group, while members of the bachelor chimp group fall out once again.

Episode 12 – It is a day of tense introductions for the chimpanzees and the gibbons; and the team begins work on its biggest mission to date – the rescue of almost 100 primates from Chile.

Episode 13 – The new baby woolly monkey meets its own kind for the very first time. There is some growing up to be done as orang-utan Aris graduates from the nursery and meets Gordon. And there is a surprise in the chimp nursery as the cheeky Seamus seems to have learned to control his wild side.

Episode 14 – Seamus’ brief period of calm comes to an abrupt end. Elsewhere, chimp Susie takes her new baby outside for the first time; and there are problems with the travel arrangements for the Chile trip.

Episode 15 – It is a vet day at the park, as John Lewis checks up on the leg that chimp Jimmy nearly lost. Baby chimp Rodders, meanwhile, must have a tooth removed after sustaining an injury during a play session; and there is a serious problem with the park’s biggest-ever rescue mission.

Episode 16 – It is a big day for one of the park’s naughtiest residents, chimpanzee Seamus. He is moving from the chimp nursery into the bachelor pad. Toddler orang-utan Aris is in recovery, and one of his new housemates has decided to pick a fight with him. And what happens when Seamus meets his former partner in crime, Carli?

Episode 17 – Orang-utan Aris needs surgery as his knee injury is worse than expected. Chimp Patricia finally relaxes in the company of alpha male, Hananya. And chimpanzee Seamus is in for a shock when he meets big male, Paco.

Episode 18 – This special edition travels to Chile, South America, where the team has joined forces with the military to fly 88 Capuchin monkeys to Monkey World. It will be the park’s biggest and most challenging rescue ever. And for the four capuchins already living at the park, they have no idea that their lives will soon change forever.

Episode 19 – The Chilean capuchins finally arrive in the UK, and there is bad news in the orang-utan house. Something has gone seriously wrong for Aris since his knee operation.

Episode 20 – Aris is still poorly; the baby woolly monkey finally gets a name; and the alpha male chimps exert their authority. But could there be a coup brewing?