Monkey Life Series 3

Episode 1 – Eighty-eight capuchin monkeys rescued from a research laboratory in Chile wake up to their first morning at Monkey World. Over in the Chimp nursery, Rodders has a run-in with a sticky melon. And the park’s naughtiest resident, Seamus the chimp, comes face to face with alpha male Butch in the bachelor pad.

Episode 2 – Chimps Ben and Pip are due to be moved out of the nursery and into Hananya’s group – but they give wildlife vet John Lewis the run around when he tries to sedate them. Alison is worried about how the recently rescued male capuchins will react when they are moved in together. And orang-utan Kai proves she has far too much energy for the rest of her group.

Episode 3 – The team is forced to step in when the chimp introduction goes wrong and Ben is injured by the alpha male. Orang-utan Hsiao-Quai struggles with her ever-growing son Kai. And the park’s staff prepare to welcome another baby orang-utan into the fold.

Episode 4 – Hananya shows that he is not so tough when it comes to needles! The other chimps, meanwhile, enjoy a ‘banana-fishing’ expedition. Elsewhere, Alison and Jeremy are in Hertfordshire to re-home two more capuchin monkeys, and there is an exciting development among the endangered gibbons.

Episode 5 – Resident capuchin TJ joins the new Chile arrivals, but he seems to be in a mischievous mood. Alpha male chimp Paddy has to step in and keep his unruly troop in line. Orang-utan Amy is pregnant, but no one knows if she will able to care for her baby when it is born. And it is teeth-cleaning time in Hananya’s house.

Episode 6 – The team must make a big decision concerning the safety of one of the chimp groups when alpha male Hananya continues to exhibit violent behaviour. Elsewhere, chimps Simon and Eveline have a swing-off, and there is some dental surgery to be done. There is great excitement as the park gets ready for its next woolly monkey birth.

Episode 7 – Baby chimp Bart goes it alone. The fearless members of the Bachelor Boys group are frightened by a new toy! In Hananya’s group, Ben and Pip finally pluck up the courage to fully explore their new home. And it is all change for the Chilean capuchin monkeys as they are introduced to the outside world for the first time in their lives.

Episode 8 – There is a morning sing-off at the park to get everyone up for the day. Golden-cheeked gibbon Zoey introduces a very rare new addition to her family. Over in Hananya’s group, hot potatoes are on the menu. And a fight amongst the capuchin girls leaves Phoebe with a nasty bite wound that will need surgery.

Episode 9 – Baby woolly monkey Paulo meets his new family for the first time. Young chimpanzee Eddi has fun and games with baby brother Bart. Pregnant orang-utan Amy gets to grips with a breast pump. And emotions run high when Mad Max the marmoset arrives at the park to be with others of his own kind.

Episode 10 – Mad Max meets his new housemates. Chimps Ben and Pip are in shock after another meeting with Hananya. Over in the woolly monkey enclosure, Piquita is the centre of attention. And in Paddy’s chimp group, Bart enjoys his first taste of honey!

Episode 11 – Pregnant woolly monkey Piquita looks fit to burst! Capuchin Sean, over from Chile, is keen to prove that nobody can groom quite like he can. And life hangs in the balance for ruffed lemur Blue. Will she survive?

Episode 12 – Baby woolly monkey Paulo is tempted outside by some delicious bugs, and everyone is enjoying onions in the capuchin enclosure. The team also has a radical plan for the third meeting between youngster Ben and alpha male Hananya.

Episode 13 – There is a scuffle between the female capuchins, Tia needs surgery and orang-utan Amy is heavily pregnant – and very grumpy. In the chimp nursery there is something new in the play area. Alison has her last visit with Paulo, the baby woolly monkey she has successfully hand reared.

Episode 14 – Chimp Ben has a nasty foot wound and animal director Jeremy is worried. In Paddy’s chimp troop, it may be his dad who is the boss, but baby Bart is realising that he is pretty important too! Elsewhere, golden-cheeked gibbon Tien has undergone a transformation, and keeper Holly checks up on Xuzy.

Episode 15 – It is a race against time as the team tries to stop an infection spreading among the chimpanzees. The orang-utans are watching their weight, but are not so keen to get onto the scales! And the lemurs and stump-tailed macaques meet for the first time. Could they become housemates?

Episode 16 – Young chimp Ben loses one of his infected toes. Just as Ben is improving, another chimp in Hananya’s house is struck down by the mysterious bacterial infection – and it is serious.

Episode 17 – Mueller’s gibbons Adidas and Dalumie head for the treetops for the first time. Peanut, Pung-Yo and Tien, the endangered golden-cheeked gibbons, have an outdoor enclosure next door. Will Adidas and Dalumie take to their new home?

Episode 18 – Alison travels to Dao Tien Island in Vietnam. It is Monkey World’s first foreign sanctuary for endangered primates – halfway across the world! This special episode introduces Ellie, a young golden-cheeked gibbon who is the latest arrival at the centre.

Episode 19 – Balding stump-tailed macaque Jonathan gets some protection. Jonathan’s hair loss is due to overly enthusiastic grooming from the high-ranking members of the troop, who will not leave him alone!

Episode 20 – Disturbing footage reveals an adult female chimpanzee in Mexico needing the park’s help.