Monkey Life Series 6

Episode 1 – There are problems for the team as chimp Cathy goes under the knife. Woolly monkey Lena is pregnant, but who’s the daddy? Jeremy goes to the rescue of a baby orang-utan in Spain who’s been neglected by his mum and there’s high hopes Oshine will be a great surrogate mum.

Episode 2 – Jeremy’s in Spain to pick up baby orang-utan Silvestre who gives him the run around! Meanwhile back at Monkey World, will chimp Kiki brave it outside after years locked up in a cage? And an overnight snowfall brings a frosty visitor to Hananya’s chimps.

Episode 3 – Animal director Jeremy and the team have their hands full with flu vaccines and baby chimp Bart does not want to be left out. There’s concern for woolly monkey Kuna as she goes under anaesthetic, and orangs Dinda and Lingga join forces against the Spanish newcomer.

Episode 4 – Animal director Jeremy is in Slovenia to pick up monkeys Tau and Mica in need of a new home. Back at the park, it’s a testing time for chimp Kiki as she meets top dog Cherri, and Monkey World welcomes its first ever patas monkey.

Episode 5 – Hananya’s chimp group are reunited at last after two months apart and the squirrel monkeys plunder their pumpkins. Capuchin Tau from Slovenia proves a hit with the ladies, and animal director Jeremy works the night shift with baby Silvestre.

Episode 6 – It’s the grand opening of the new orang-utan enclosure, but young Kai loses his nerve. There’s a sticky situation at the chimp nursery when Bryan steals Ash’s jelly, and there’s exciting news for golden-cheeked gibbon Peanut and her growing family.

Episode 7 – There’s upsetting news for the team when siamang gibbon Onion is taken to the operating theatre. Primate Care Staff try to coax new capuchin Tau outside for the first time, and keeping cool – the stumpies are given a paddling pool.

Episode 8 – The team stand by to welcome woolly monkey Sara all the way from USA. Baby orang Silvestre finally meets his new surrogate mum Oshine, and there’s mayhem at the Bachelor chimps when the boys show off their ball skills.

Episode 9 – Overweight orang-utan Oshine has problems when she undergoes a health check and new patas monkey Mica from Slovenia is reluctant to go outside. New best friend chimps Kiki and Trudy have fun whilst boss Hananya is away, and the lemurs are on high alert.

Episode 10 – It’s a world first on Monkey Life with Alison and the team in Vietnam on a ground breaking mission – to release captive golden-cheeked gibbons back into the wild. They run into trouble in the jungle and it’s a race against time to get the gibbons to the release site. But after all this, will the gibbons take the leap to freedom?

Episode 11 – Capuchin Diez is rushed to the park’s hospital for emergency surgery. There’s much excitement as the team prepares to welcome siamang Sam’s new mate Sasak, and overweight Oshine shows her softer side to baby orang-utan Silvestre.

Episode 12 – Alison is in Liverpool to rescue a baby marmoset. Back at Monkey World, there’s tension when siamang Sam finally meets his new mate. Overweight Oshine shows the orangs who’s boss, and over in the chimp nursery Bryan misses out on some tasty treats.

Episode 13 – Orang-utan Hsiao-Lan refuses to play ball when the team try to do a pregnancy test. Capuchin Tau from Slovenia goes into the trees for the first time, and Paddy’s chimps aren’t impressed with a sour new fruit on the menu.

Episode 14 – Orang-utan Hsiao-Ning rejects Gordon’s advances and moves back to the nursery, and protective Oshine keeps a firm grip on Silvestre. Woolly monkey Diego undergoes a delicate operation, and bully boy chimp Jestah throws his weight around at the Bachelor Boys.

Episode 15 – It’s all change at the chimp nursery with the kids growing up, and sad news when the squirrel monkeys lose their leader Alien. Joined at the hip, orang-utan Silvestre is making Oshine’s accurate weigh-in impossible! And a surprise new arrival for woolly monkey Piquita.

Episode 16 – There are major problems for hunchbacked capuchin Tau on the operating table and mother-to-be orang-utan Hsiao-Lan shows off her blooming figure. Oaska’s woolly monkeys get a new house, and the team hatch a cunning plan to help chimp Sammy lose weight.

Episode 17 – Orang-utan Kai leaves his mum to join the nursery group, but will he fit in? Woolly monkey Ayla fends for herself as mum Piquita lavishes attention on her new baby. And there’s a fond farewell to the park’s oldest marmoset, Betty Boo.

Episode 18 – Alison and Jeremy go to the rescue of four marmosets in the West Midlands. Woolly monkey Milo tries to follow in dad’s footsteps – but mum Lena has other ideas. Golden-cheeked gibbon Peanut’s new baby finally gets a name, and Hananya’s chimps have a treat for tea!

Episode 19 – It’s an anxious time for the team when woolly monkey Bueno is taken to the operating theatre. Siamangs Sam and Sasak are allowed back out into the trees, and over at the orang-utan nursery, Lingga gives Kai a hostile welcome.

Episode 20 – The team face serious problems when orang-utan Hsiao-Lan gives birth, but refuses to look after her newborn. Capuchin Tau proves a big hit with the ladies and to everyone’s delight, siamang gibbons Sam and Sasak sing their duet in the trees.