Monkey Life Series 7

Episode 1 – Alison and Jeremy welcome their first ever saki monkey to the park. Ring-tailed lemur Houdini have the team baffled with his medical  condition, and chimp Simon’s up to mischief at Hananya’s.

Episode 2 – Orang-utan Hsiao-Quai takes her adopted daughter outside for the first time. Woolly monkey Yarima could be pregnant; new boy Jethro’s confronted by thieving squirrel monkeys and amorous Kai takes a shine to Oshine.

Episode 3 – Alison responds to an urgent call from the RSPCA. Mueller’s gibbon Fox gets special attention whilst it’s all kicking off at the Bachelor Boys, and will young orang-utan Kai be able to cope without his mum?

Episode 4 – There’s great excitement as woolly monkey Enzo gets a new baby sister. Squirrel monkey Charlie meets his new family whilst Jethro settles in, and the marmosets surprise everyone with an early morning delivery.

Episode 5 – The police are called in when Alison and the RSPCA rescue marmosets from terrible conditions. Leader capuchin Gorilon goes under the knife after a nasty scuffle. Elderly ladies Mica and Sissy-Jo tuck into a fruity surprise and orang-utan Gordon’s back with his family.

Episode 6 – Adolescent chimp Bryan tests Jeremy’s patience with his emotional outbursts. Capuchin Marlow discovers a trespasser in their enclosure and marmoset James is rescued from a pet shop full of predators.

Episode 7 – It’s a Monkey Life special at Monkey World’s sister sanctuary in Vietnam, the team are on a mission to return rare pygmy lorises back into the wild and after a struggle to recapture golden-cheeked gibbon Da for his GPS collar, it’s a race against time to get him back into the wild.

Episode 8 – It’s a Monkey Life special in Vietnam. Alison and the team check on recently released pygmy lorises Son, Sylvia and Talai, but did they survive the night? Alison meets baby La La for the first time and gets a rare sighting of an elusive family of douc langurs.

Episode 9 – It’s an anxious time as chimp Tutti goes under anaesthetic and woolly monkey leader Bueno’s health deteriorates. Newcomer marmoset James meets mad Max and over at the orang nursery, Hsiao-Ning’s left a present for the tooth fairy.

Episode 10 – Marmoset James is fighting for his life in the park’s hospital. It’s factor fifteen for the stumpies in the hot sunshine and there’s life-changing decision at the orang-utan nursery as Hsiao-Ning comes of age.

Episode 11 – It’s a sad goodbye as orang-utan Hsiao-Ning moves to Rostock Zoo in Germany. The geriatrics have a new lease on life when Amy’s capuchins take up residence in the Lodge, and the park welcomes handsome leader Chippy to the woolly monkeys.

Episode 12 – Lovable orang-utan Hsiao-Ning settles into her new home at Rostock Zoo, but she’s a bit too feisty for her suitor Sabas. Amy’s capuchins display a head for heights and it’s playroom party time for the boisterous Bachelor chimps.

Episode 13 – Orang-utan Gordon’s grown into a gorgeous mature male but the ladies are struggling to see his inner beauty. Over at the woollies, new leader Chippy’s strutting his stuff and Jeremy and Luis leave feisty orang-utan Hsiao-Ning happily settled in Germany.

Episode 14 – Siamang gibbon Sam’s in danger of losing his sweetheart Sasak when she’s struck by a mysterious illness. Squirrel monkey Fidget comes off second best when new boy Charlie arrives. Hananya’s chimps go fishing for goodies and woolly monkey Julio’s all grown up.

Episode 15 – There’s a noisy welcome for spider monkeys Hickory, Flint and Pumpkin and love is in the air at the flirtatious capuchins. Big girl Oshine shares her giant ice lolly and the moment of truth as she takes to the scales with Silvestre in tow.

Episode 16 – Two lives hang in the balance when woolly monkey Sara undergoes and emergency C-section. Golden-cheeked gibbon Teo takes his first wobbly steps twenty metres high and Winslow’s capuchins go on a treasure hunt.

Episode 17 – It’s round-the-clock care from Alison as baby woolly Bueno Jnr survives his first day and orang-utan foster mum A-mei heads back to the nursery. A new alfresco lifestyle for the spider monkeys and woolly monkey Diego celebrates his birthday in style.

Episode 18 – A bust up at the lemur enclosure ends in serious injuries for Kaiyah. Paddy’s chimps overindulge and siamang sweethearts Sam and Sasak are back singing in harmony, but marmosets Rattler and Tya’s future hangs in the balance.

Episode 19 – The park bids a sad farewell to woolly monkeys Julio and Diego as they start a new life, but will the French ladies fall for their new suitors? Golden-cheeked gibbon Teo’s looking handsome and the marmosets move into their spanking new residence.

Episode 20 – Baby orang-utan Silvestre makes his mark with nursery boss A-mei and the spider monkeys pluck up courage for the great outdoors. Baby woolly monkey Bueno Jnr is four weeks old and going strong, and peace and harmony at last for marmoset Max.