Monkey Life Series 8

Episode 1 – Monkey Life returns for another action packed series. Alison and Jeremy are in for a surprise when they go to the rescue of two capuchin monkeys in Liverpool, only to discover they’re actually marmosets. The little monkeys are in very poor health and in need of some tender loving care. To make matters worse the female, Clydie, is pregnant. Back at the park the stump tailed macaques feast on a rotten tree but low rankers Phil and Jonathan lose out again. And there’s mayhem at the bachelors when the chimps refuse to play with Gypsy.

Episode 2 – There’s chaos at the capuchin house when Winslow’s group have a weigh-in. Mischievous Fabian runs rings around keeper Toby, refusing to climb off the scales. Elsewhere baby woolly monkey, Bueno Junior, who is being hand reared by Alison, meets his new family for the first time. There’s dissent in the ranks with chimp Tikko appearing to challenge Hananya for the leadership. And wildlife vet, John Lewis, is very concerned about new arrivals, marmosets Charlie and Clydie, when he examines them at the hospital.

Episode 3 – Five year old Jin leaves home and joins the Orang-utan Nursery. His mum Hsiao-quai and baby sister Awan move with him to ease the transition. He’s delighted when he discovers his elder brother Kai is waiting for him and then proves to be a disruptive influence among the other young orangs. Another troublemaker, chimp Bart, is up to his usual mischief when Paddy’s group are given hessian sacks full of treats. Squirrel monkey, Fidget, finally gets one over on the feisty females he shares a home with. And woolly monkey, Ayla, comes over all shy when she meets baby Bueno.

Episode 4 – Alison and Jeremy head to Germany to collect a lonely stumpie called Floh. She’s recently lost her partner, so the rescue centre where she’s living has asked Monkey World to re-home her so she can live alongside other macaques. But these ‘ugly monkeys’ aren’t known for being particularly friendly so no one is quite sure what kind of welcome she’ll receive. Back in Dorset there’s excitement at Hananya’s house when the chimp team suspect Cherri might be pregnant. And it’s time for Hsiao-quai to say goodbye to her son, Jin, as she leaves him behind in the nursery.

Episode 5 – Chimp Tikko goes under the knife when he gets a tooth infection. The team call in the services of wildlife dentist Peter Kertesz when they discover Tikko has lots of hairs caught around his molars through over grooming. But they’re anxious because the big chimp has had a bad reaction to an anaesthetic in the past. Elsewhere newcomer stump tailed macaque Floh, who has just arrived from Germany, gets a rude awakening when she meets leader Sam. Golden-cheeked gibbon Tien is on the look out for a mate. And baby woolly monkey, Bueno Junior is in with the big boys when he graduates to the playroom.

Episode 6 – Over recent months there’s been an influx of neglected or abused marmosets who are all victims of the British pet trade. The park is now almost at capacity. But today Alison agrees to take in one more. Baby Leo is brought to the park by the RSPCA and is in a dreadful state. Alison is shocked and isn’t sure whether he’s going to make it. Elsewhere there’s an emergency at the hospital when capuchin Winslow is injured in a fight. And mischievous chimp Bart is up to his old tricks when Paddy’s pond is invaded by rubber ducks.

Episode 7 – Golden-cheeked gibbon, Tien, finally meets is new mate, Kim. But the course of true love doesn’t run smoothly when the big moment arrives. The previously confident gibbon comes over all shy when Kim makes a move. Elsewhere, chimp Brian is frustrated when his displays fail to impress and naughty chimp Rodders pushes Lulu to the limit. And it’s all change at Oaska’s woolly monkey house when Milo and Lena head for pastures new and another woolly called Pacaja arrives from Holland to take their place.

Episode 8 – There’s great excitement at Hananya’s enclosure when chimp Cherri finally gives birth to twin baby girls. Simon takes on the role of bodyguard to the newborns warning the others off if they get too close. And low ranking Arfur is also very attentive. The team are delighted but also wary because Cherri doesn’t have the best track record as a mother, so they’re keeping a close eye on her. Elsewhere, new arrival woolly monkey, Pacaja , takes a shine to leader Oaska. And golden-cheeked gibbons Tien and Kim’s relationship continues to blossom when they’re allowed out into their new tree filled enclosure.

Episode 9 – It’s the day of the great ape move as Gordon’s orangs swap houses with Sally’s chimps. The team have decided that Gordon isn’t doing particularly well living next door to the park’s other dominant male orang-utan, Tuan, so they’ve decided to mix things up a bit. But it’s a mammoth operation involving the veterinary team and the primate care staff. Animal Manager, Jeremy, is on hand to comfort the chimps as they wake from the anaesthetic. Meanwhile, Cherri tests out the high hose – with her newborn twins in tow. And siamang gibbons, Sam and Sasak, reap the benefits from their new enclosure.

Episode 10 – Brian is on his guard when he comes face to face with his new neighbour, orang-utan Tuan, over the fence when Sally’s chimps get to see their new playground for the first time. It’s all change for Lulu, Rodders, Ash, Brian and Sally who also have to get used to having other chimps living nearby. Meanwhile, new baby marmoset Leo is finally well enough to meet his new housemates. Ruffed lemur, Blue, shows the ringtails who’s boss. And baby woolly monkey, Bueno Junior, spends his last night with Alison before moving in with Levar’s group full time.

Episode 11 – Hananya’s chimps are very subdued when Cherri loses, Louise , one of her newborn twins. There’s no obvious reason why the little chimp has died and Cherri refuses to let go of her. Peggy and Arfur do their best to comfort Cherri and her remaining daughter Thelma. Elsewhere in the park it’s business as usual. There’s a stink fight at the lemur enclosure when two new arrivals are given a rough welcome by Fennel and the gang. Newly paired golden-cheeked gibbons, Kim and Tien start work on their duet. And Fabian outsmarts his fellow capuchins.

Episode 12 – Alison and wildlife vet, John Lewis, travel to Monkey World’s sister sanctuary in Vietnam to release two golden-cheeked gibbons back into the wild. Misu and Lumhuyen were originally stolen from the forest as infants but staff believe they’re now ready to be set free again. However there’s trouble when a rival male appears on the scene to challenge Limhuyen. The team have a difficult decision to make. Do they intervene or let nature take its course? John also travels to the city of Binh Hoa to oversee an X-ray on a young male gibbon who recently arrived at the centre riddled with gunshot pellets.

Episode 13 – Alison heads to Cheshire to rescue four more marmosets but there’s a surprise in store when she discovers two of them are not common marmosets as she’d been led to believe. It’s all change at the orang nursery to make way for an orphaned baby who’s on his way from Hungary. Hsiao-quai heads back in the hope she’ll take this new arrival under her wing. The team finally find out why Cherri’s two week old twin daughter, Louise, passed away. And primate care staff build a special enclosure to keep baby woolly monkey, Bueno Junior, safe.

Episode 14 – At the orang nursery all eyes are on Hsiao-quai to see if she will step up to the mark and adopt baby Bulu, who has just arrived from Hungary after losing his mum. Hsiao-quai has had great maternal instincts in the past but will she want to take on another baby? Elsewhere in the park odd couple, patas monkey, Mica, and lemur, George, move in together. There’s exciting news for woolly monkey, Xingu. Flirty capuchin, Scarlet, uses her charms to try to woo boss Erico.
And a friend at last for downtrodden stumpie, Phil.

Episode 15 – On today’s programme, the team have to make a heartbreaking decision when chimp Susie, is taken to the hospital and found to have an inoperable heart condition. They know whatever they do will have a big impact on her two children Bart and Eddi. Meanwhile, at the orang nursery, Hsiao-quai has shown no real interest in baby Bulu, so the primate care staff have to take it upon themselves to care for him. Marmoset family Bubble, Squeak and Rio move on to pastures new to make way for other more needy arrivals. And baby woolly monkey, Bueno Junior, celebrates his first birthday.

Episode 16 – Alison heads to the Maldives to rescue a slow loris confiscated during a drugs raid. The authorities don’t know where the loris has come from so can’t release it back into the wild. They’re also not sure how to care for it which is why they need Monkey World’s help. But the loris, nicknamed Buddy, puts up a fight when Alison tries to move him. Back at the park, Animal Manager, Jeremy, is outwitted by capuchin, Joanne, when he tries to take her to hospital. And funny man, Semach, keeps baby chimp Thelma entertained.

Episode 17 – There’s sad news at Paddy’s enclosure when the team make a tough decision about chimp Susie, who is suffering from an inoperable heart condition. They’re concerned about how her young son Bart and daughter Eddi will cope without her. Meanwhile lemur Kaiyah has to undergo a hysterectomy because she’s driving the boys crazy. There’s still confusion about the sex of the newly arrived slow loris, Buddy. And baby orang-utan Bulu is receiving round the clock care from the keepers.

Episode 18 – There’s exciting news of a new playmate for baby orang-utan Bulu. Six week old Rieke is going to be joining him from Berlin Zoo. Meanwhile the new marmoset house is finally open and Alison goes to the rescue of two more little monkeys in need of help. Baby chimp Thelma is growing fast and playing with big boys, Simon, Arfur and Semach. She’s proving to be a great tonic for Hananya’s group.

Episode 19 – Baby orang-utan Rieke arrives from Germany and immediately hits it off with new playmate Bulu. But the team have a tricky decision to make as to whether they introduce her to potential foster mum Hsaio-quai. At the park’s hospital there’s drama when chimp Jestah undergoes a major tooth operation. New arrival Kalo the slow loris has a special visitor called Doris. And Bart bounces back after the sad death of his mum Susie.

Episode 20 – Baby orang-utans Bulu and Rieke are running the team ragged. They need round the clock care and are proving to be quite a handful. Meanwhile stumpie Floh has found herself at the bottom of the pecking order along with lowly Phil, but the two of them of proving to be great friends. Unfortunately, however, Phil’s eyesight is beginning to fail so the keepers are having to give him a helping hand. Elsewhere new arrivals Kurt and Friedrich are finally being allowed into the lemur huddle and Hananya lets his hair down.